I help raise my daughter and son. I take care of my wife. I also build websites.

Hello World, fair warning, this website is a mostly uncensored peek into my brain, so please relax and take it with a grain of salt. If you can’t manage to do that, then kindly go away.

Sorry for the limited amount of content, my life as a full-time website developer, father, and husband leave little time for working on my own website. For those more interested in my professional side, jump to my resume and work history.

Website Details

For anyone interested, this static website was generated via Jekyll, using a HTML5 UP template, which I turned into a jekyll theme. The code for this website is in a git repo, as all code should always be, in this case it’s stored on bitbucket, since they offer free private storage (though github is now offering that too apparently). This theme is my only public repo on bitbucket.

In my professional life, I have been spoiled by always having separate development and production servers, but in my personal life, multiple servers and local development has always been a bit too much to bother with, at least half of the content on this website was written directly on the production server in vim, and more then half of that via my phone, including this bit; thank you to everyone who helped make the JuiceSSH android app.

Latest Project

The past couple of months, I’ve built a drought alerts system, based in Symfony 4. The idea being that users can sign up for notifications about changes in the drought conditions at different locations and scales (city/zip, county, or state level). While currently we are only building out support for a single dataset, the United States Drought Monitor (USDM), we plan on offering a full suite of choices to the users, if that goes well.

It was interesting to design, I probably over-engineered it just a tiny bit, the final list of entities stands as such: Users, Tokens, Alerts, Locations, Counties, and States. As part of integrating this within the existing infrastructure, I was given our common list of counties and states to work with. Since we needed to allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe without having to create logins, authentication is achieved via unique tokens, each one belonging to a particular user, with a specific purpose.

Recent articles

Tech I Use: Nextcloud

Feb 5, 2019

I first tried owncloud years ago, back when it was still a bit unstable and upgrading was difficult and complex,

Tech I Use: KeePassXC

Feb 4, 2019

For years I’ve used LastPass, my decided to take a peek at options which enable me more control over my data, without having to give up functionality.

Privacy: Google and More

Feb 3, 2019


I had a very stark realization one day about my google usage, google knows more about me then I do..

Pronouns and Variations Thereupon

Jan 20, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen and Variations Thereupon.

I’m watching an episode of Doctor Who and the stewardess addresses the crowd as “Ladies and Gentlemen and Variations Thereupon”, which made me think about how we should really make a point to better acknowledge that not eveyone fits into the old fashioned two gendered system.